This drill covers the last five yards of an out route. Particular attention should be placed on the player sticking his inside leg to make a good outside break and on catching the ball in-bounds.

Set Up

  • Place three cones in an inverted L shape near the sideline.
  • Receiver lines up at the first cone.
  • The quarterback lines up nearby.
  • The coach is also nearby to call commands.


  1. Receiver gets in the proper stance.
  2. Coach says “Go.”
  3. Receiver runs straight ahead and cuts toward the sideline at the second cone.
  4. Quarterback throws the football.
  5. Receiver attempts to catch the ball, stay in-bounds and turn upfield.

Coaching Tips

  •  You can use this type of drill for all your routes, breaking down in the last five yards all the techniques that make the route successful and then stressing them to your players and getting them to work on those very things. Doing just the last five yards, allows you to save players’ legs and get more reps compared to running full routes.