To improve agility and footwork on the most common and useful cuts WRs will be using in their route tree.

Set Up

  • You will need 6 cones.
  • Set the first one up, then 5 yards downfield and to the left, place another.
  • Place another 5 yards to the right of that cone, and another 5 yards in front of that cone.
  • Finally you will place 2 last cones, one 5 yards to the left, and one 5 yards in front of that 3rd last cone.
  • Reference the diagram for a simple illustration.

WR Footwork Drill


  1. Player will begin at first cone.
  2. Player starts by using footfire or a juke to get away from press.
  3. Player then runs a slant to the 2nd cone.
  4. Player will then cut downfield running to the 3rd cone.
  5. Player will then cut outside, sitting down and facing the ball at the 4th cone.
  6. Next, player will explode downfield again, make a in breaking cut at 5th cone and explode towards 6th cone.
  7. At 6th cone, player will make a double move and then run a deep post around the final cone.
  8. If playing with a partner, receiver will make a catch after running past last cone.

Coaching Tips

  • This drill can also be done with either a side shuffle step or carioca step.
  • Make sure runner keeps their hips low, head up, and maintains control as they change direction.