Today, we’re going to discuss a variety of football drills that are ideal for helping your wide receivers become more skilled and prepared for game time!

back to the wall football drill
Back to the Wall Drill

Back to the Wall Drill

During this football drill, the receiver turns his back and on command by the quarterback – you can just use the term “ball” – he’ll turn around and catch the ball.

This emphasizes good technique of good base, good reach, catch, and tuck.

Each receiver takes a shot trying to emphasize getting the head around, reaching out, catching, and tucking. We want to always emphasize tucking the football after we catch it. Ball security is the number one priority after you receive the football.

One Hand Drill

As a coach, you want to be creative and put your players in positions that they get in in ball games. Obviously the way you’d like to catch the ball is always with two hands, but because of circumstances, sometimes it necessitates a one-handed catch. So why not practice it?

In this case, it’s just a nice, easy fade throw. The emphasis is to get the ball high, reach with one hand, watch the ball all the way in, catch it with that hand. Then you’ll move to the other side and do it left-handed.

In all the drills, you want to try to work as many drills with both hands as you can because that’s critical for the receiver.

twist football drill
Twist Drill

Twist Drill

This next football drill is to, again, emphasize catches that are made in ball games.

Oftentimes a ball is thrown behind us and short, so the receiver has to always keep his eye on the ball and twist back to make a catch. With this drill, you have the quarterback or the coach throwing the ball to the back side shoulder, where the receiver has to twist back to catch.

Highest Point Drill

As any coach knows, you want to emphasize with your receivers to always catch the ball at its highest point. Therefore, you have the coach or the quarterback throw the ball in the fade concept where the receiver has to get both hands above his head and reach for the ball at its highest point.

This football drill is emphasizing getting the ball at the highest point and taking it away from the defender.

Center Fielder Drill

With this football drill, we’re going to throw it over the opposite shoulder. This happens all the time on deep throws, go routes, or takeoffs, whatever your terminology is.

The ball ends up on the opposite shoulder in which the receiver is looking, so he doesn’t have time to turn and twist to the ball, so he needs to be able to pick up the flight of the ball over his opposite shoulder without losing sight of it.

Over-the-Head Drill

This drill deals with a ball that’s directly over our head. It’s a blind catch. It’s just an emphasis of reacting to where the football is.

You position the quarterback or the thrower right behind the receiver, throw the ball directly over his head, and the receiver catches the ball.

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