To get players used to getting set quickly and getting off the FG in a hurry-up situation.

Drill Setup

  • Have you’re entire offense out on the field, and one ball.

Gamewinner Football Team Drill

How it Works

  1. On the coach’s signal, all players except for the flanker (Z) receiver and the QB will stay on the field.
  2. The kicker and holder will sprint onto the field, with the rest of the players lining up as follows O-Line – Line up in regular positions on line X Receiver – Lines up next to left tackle (LTE) H-Back – Lines up next to X receiver (LW) F-Back – Lines up next to Y receiver (RW) Y Receiver – Lines up next to right tackle (RW)

Coaching Tips

  • Once the holder has the ready signal from the kicker, he will let the long snapper know he is ready .
  • Blockers should be in tighter splits than normal, and will focus on protecting the inside gap on the snap.