To work on perfecting foot to ball contact and warmup the leg.

Set Up

  • Place a football on a kicking tee and stand with your plant leg a couple feet away from the tee, as you would land after taking your plant step.

No Step Football Kicking Drill


  1. Begin by extending your kicking leg – slowly – out to the football, and establishing your ideal contact point.
  2. Make sure you are comfortably balanced on the plant foot.
  3. Bring the kicking foot back down and get into a comfortable stance.
  4. Take a natural backswing and make good clean contact with the football on the sweet spot, transferring his body weight through the swing and landing comfortable and balanced.

Coaching Tips

  • At moment of impact, there are 3 areas of focus to keep in mind: your body should be tall, the kicking knee should be straight, and the kicking foot should be open at slight angle – about 2 o’clock.
  • Kickers should be aiming to hit the ball with the top of the instep right on the sweet spot of the football, roughly a third of the way up from the bottom.