When you want to see if a player can put all of the components of good kickoff return together to make the block and protect the ballcarrier, the Kick Off Return Evaluation Drill is a great special teams tool to use to simulate your blocking schemes.

In this video blog post, we demonstrate this special teams drill, and how to use it to evaluate for middle, left and right side returns.

Set Up

1.   Set up with either the front 4 up or the back 5 up

2.   Place cones to restrict the returner’s area that he can run

3.   On the “Go” command, ball carrier coverage players will run down field to meet the opponent

4.   Players attempt to protect the ballcarrier by blocking and pushing the player to the opposite side that the return is on.

5.   This drill can be done for a middle return, left return or a right return.

Important Points:

  • Be sure players use a good drop and spring into action
  • Look for the backpedal
  • Get the body turned to stay on top of the opponent
  • Swing the hips around
  • Stay in a good, low center of gravity position
  • Ride the player out

Video Demonstration



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