To perfect kicking footwork, and improve efficiency of motion and comfort.

Set Up

  • Place a kicking tee down where the ball would be.
  • Take your steps and place a piece of tape at the beginning, the location of your first step out of stance, and the plant foot by the tee.

Field Goal Footwork Football Drill


  1. First step is with kicking foot, coming down in a straight line towards the ball. The foot should be slightly open, point to 1 or 2 o’clock relative to the tee.
  2. Plant foot should come down in line with the football, about a foot way.
  3. Begin at the tee, take your setup steps, and execute the footwork, finishing with a kick.
  4. Repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • The most common method for measuring out where a player should start his kicking motion is to take 3 large steps back and 2 small steps away from your kicking foot (to your left for right footed kickers).
  • When doing this drill, you should still be mimicking your real kicking motion, getting a natural backswing, kicking through the ball, and coming down balanced.