To develop natural, reliable kick mechanics and improve both accuracy and power.

Set Up

  • Place a football with a tee at an intersection between the sideline and the endzone.
  • The goalline should be in line with your target.
  • Place 3 cones several yards off the tee to the side of your plant leg.

Follow Through Special Teams Football Drill


  1. Player will line up several steps behind the tee.
  2. Player will then take their two steps into the kick and kick the football with a motion that feels natural to their biomechanics.
  3. After follow through, the kicker’s kicking foot should be in line with the 3rd cone pointing directly at it and parallel to the goalline.

Coaching Tips

  • While the kicker may want to take their setup steps the first time they kick to get an idea of where they should be lining up, they do not need to take their steps before every rep! This allows players to isolate the kicking motion, allowing a more natural leadup and kick that will translate into real game situations.