Drill Type:   Linebacker Drill


This linebacker drill teaches players to maintain a good hitting position, bending at the knees and staying in that proper position at all times.

Set Up

  • Use 14 cones and one bag, and position them as shown in the diagram below.

cone football drill


  1. On the command “go,” the linebacker will come up and pick up a cone, bend at the knees as if he’s recovering a fumble.
  2. The linebacker will go around the bag and repeat his path back, putting the cone down at the end where he started.
  3. The player then goes to the next cone, picks it up and goes around the bag, repeating his path back and putting the cone down with the others.
  4. When the player puts the last cone down, he will run laterally, touch two shields that are on the ground, come back, pick up the cone, put it down, pick up the cone, and put it down.
  5. That will finish the drill.