To teach players to focus in on the football, to keep nice soft hands, and to always be aware of their surroundings.

Set Up

  • Have 6-8 players circle up.
  • You’ll also need two tennis balls and two footballs.
Globetrotter Drill
Diagram: Globetrotter Drill


  1. Have the players huddle up, then all take two steps back to get a nice big circle.
  2. Now give one player a tennis ball, and have them throw it back and forth in the circle, throwing to any other player at any time. It’s important that these are soft, catchable passes and the players aren’t just whipping the ball at each other.
  3. Once they’ve gotten into a rhythm, throw in a second tennis ball, and watch things really turn up.
  4. Next, take away the tennis balls, and do the same drill, but with one, and then two footballs.

Coaching Tips

  •  This is a great fun drill for the players, perfect at the beginning of practice as the players filter in.