To develop a players ability to make a variety of catches as they run through the middle of the field. This is also a good accuracy drill for the QB.

Set Up

  • Have the WRs form a line on the numbers at the 20 yard line.
  • The QB will line up in the middle of the field on the 10 yard line with a bucket of footballs.


  1. The first WR in line will run a sprint across the field.
  2. The QB will make the throw, leading the receiver and hitting him in stride.
  3. The WR will run through the far hash mark and then come drop off the ball and head to the back of the line. The next WR will run through the drill.

Coaching Tips

  • Begin by having the QB throw accurate passes, but after a couple reps, start having him throw passes that are purposefully high, low, or behind the receiver, forcing him to get used to adjusting to the ball to make the catch.