To work on agility, balance and improve a runner’s ability to recover after a stumble.

Drill Setup

  • Setup 4 flat agility bags, pool noodles, gym bags or other soft objects into an X pattern on the ground.
  • Setup two more bags 3-4 yards away from the ”˜X’, and a partner, stand up dummy or any kind of obstacle 3-4 yards after the last flat bag.
  • Player starts off with a football in one hand and their free hand down in the middle of the ”˜X’.X Drill for Football Agility

How it Works

  1. The player will rotate through the bags, keeping a hand down in the middle and cycling both feet through each section of the ”˜X’.
  2. After completing one rotation, the player will get upright and run over the 2 flat bags on the ground with high knees.
  3. Player finishes by spinning off the dummy and exploding for a 5 yard sprint.

Coaching Tips

  • Players can finish with a juke, stiff arm – any move they like!
  • If you have a partner, they can replace the standup dummy and offer some token defense, forcing the runner to react and run in the opposite direction that they commit.