Drill Type: Linebacker Drill


It’s rare that your linebackers will ever have a straight lane to the ballcarrier – they will usually have to shed at least one, and maybe two or three blocks before they can make the tackle.   And that’s just what you’ll be challenging the linebacker to do in this drill.

Set Up:

Line players up in a straight line, with two blockers and a ballcarrier in front of the linebacker, and a coach behind.


Football Defense Drills


  1. The coach will point to either the left or the right, and the runner will break in that direction.
  2. The blockers should both be executing cut blocks, and after the linebacker sheds them, he should explode vertically toward the running back, wrapping up and pushing him back a good 5 yards.

Coaching Tips:

  • Square up those shoulders!
  • Don’t lean on the blocker – maintain your center of balance
  • Stay level – you shouldn’t raise or lower your body as you give up the step, stay in that athletic stance!