This drill helps players perfect the art of throwing the ball. An improved throwing motion can mean better accuracy, higher speed and greater distance on throws.


Quarterbacks stand 10 yards apart and face each other. The coach should be nearby to call commands.

Proper football grip.


Tip of the ball back and then the follow through.


1. The player with the ball throws it to the receiver upon the receiver’s signal.
2. Before throwing, the tip of the ball should be pointed backward and players should be focused on shifting their weight from their back foot to their front foot during the throwing motion.
3. The drill continues with the players passing the ball back and forth to each other. 4. As the drill progresses, the coach should evaluate form and make corrections.

Coaching Tips

  • Pay close attention to grip. Players should grip the top half of the ball with index finger
    and pinkie finger spread out as much as possible. The ring finger should be between the second and third lace. Also, the thumb and middle finger should be on the same plane around the football. Finally, you want space between the ball and the player’s palm.
  • Also during the drill make sure players are stepping forward and properly shifting their weight behind their throw to increase speed and accuracy.