These drills are designed to improve the receiver’s ability to catch the football. All drills should be performed with both hands.


Players can line up anywhere on the field. The coach should be nearby to call commands.

Receiver flips the ball forward and back in Phase One.
Receivers do the Ball Dribble Drill.


Phase One – Flip

1. The coach says “Go.”
2. Receiver flips the ball onto the back of his hand and then flips it back forward and  catches it.

Phase Two – Ball Dribble

1. Coach says “Go.”
2. Players grip and release the football.

Phase Three – Figure Eight

1. Coach says “Go.”
2. Players move the ball between and around their legs in a figure eight motion. 3. Coach says “Reverse.”
4. Players move the ball the other direction.

Phase Four – Tug of War

1. Two receivers each grip the end of the football with one hand. 2. Coach says “Go.”
3. Each player tries to pull the ball away from the other.

Coaching Tips

  • One way to stress the importance of these hand drills is to make them reward/punishment drills. If players do a drill well they get a reward after practice, if players don’t do well they must drop and do five fingertip push-ups, which are great for building finger strength, which in turn is important for catching the football.
  • Players with smaller hands should keep one hand under the ball during the Ball Dribble.