Players learn to control the football with their fingertips instead of with the surface of their palm.


Players line up anywhere on the field, each holding a football.

A quarterback works on Phase 2 of the ball handling drill.

Phase One
1. The players grip and release the football using only their fingertips.
2. They do 10 repetitions with one hand and then switch and do 10 repetitions with the other.

Phase Two
1. Players grip and release the football using only their fingertips while alternating hands.

Phase Three
1. Players hold the ball straight out in front of them and drop it, doing one complete revolution around the ball with their hand before trying to grab it.

Coaching Tips:

  • Make sure players are only gripping the ball with their fingertips and are not using their palms.
  • Phase Three is difficult but is great for developing dexterity and hand speed and thus should be practiced daily.