Isolates the quarterback’s upper platform from his lower platform, helping to increase the strength of his throwing motion.


Two players, 10 yards apart, get down on one knee facing each other. The coach should be nearby to call commands.


  1. The player with the ball pushes back by rotating his torso.
  2. Then he throws the ball by pulling his throwing arm forward.
  3. When he finishes throwing his throwing shoulder should essentially replace his lead shoulder and be pointed toward the receiver.
  4. The drill continues until the coach blows the whistle.

Coaching Tips

  • When the player “pushes back” with the ball, his lead shoulder should end up pointed directly toward the target.
  • The main thing to watch for during this drill is full rotation of the torso.

For Younger Athletes:

  • Break it down: Younger players may struggle with coordinating the push-pull motion initially. Break down the execution into smaller steps, focusing on mastering one aspect at a time, such as pushing back with the torso or pulling the throwing arm forward.
  • Emphasize balance: Stress the importance of maintaining balance throughout the drill. Encourage younger athletes to keep their body stable and avoid leaning too far forward or backward, which can affect their accuracy and power.
  • Use age-appropriate equipment: For younger players, consider using lighter footballs or soft training balls to reduce the risk of injury and build confidence in their throwing mechanics.

For Older Athletes:

  • Increase resistance: Challenge older players by adding resistance bands or weighted balls to increase the difficulty of the drill. This helps strengthen their throwing motion and improves their ability to generate power and velocity.
  • Focus on timing and rhythm: Encourage older athletes to focus on the timing and rhythm of the push-pull motion. Emphasize the importance of smooth, fluid movements to maximize throwing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Incorporate footwork: Remind older players to engage their lower body and incorporate proper footwork into the drill. Encourage them to drive off their back leg and transfer their weight forward as they push back and throw, generating momentum and power in their throw.