This drill focuses on generating explosiveness through the hip roll, while incorporating the some of the finishing stages of the tackle.

Set Up

  • The tackler and ball carrier should line up five yards apart facing each other.


  1. On the coaches signal, the tackler runs toward the ball carrier at half speed.
  2. At the moment of contact, the tackler should explode from the hips with a rising blow, club his hands around the ball carrier, grab the back of his jersey, and lift him up off the ground.
  3. At the same time, the ball carrier will jump in the air, allowing himself to be picked up by the tackler.
  4. The tackler will drive the ball carrier back five yards while holding him, then set him down gently.

Coaching Tips

  •  This drill should be run at half speed.
  • To start out, the ball carrier should time his jump to minimize the strain on the tackler and make it easier to make the lift.
  • The tackler should focus on rolling his hips while engaged in contact with the runner.
  • Make sure the tackler’s head and eyes are up, and the back is flat, not rounded.