This drill is a half speed, game-like drill that simulates shedding a block, creating a pursuit angle and stopping a ball carrier at the line of scrimmage.

Set Up

  • Set up a line of scrimmage by placing two cones five yards apart. Place a blocker between the two cones, on his knees. The ball carrier stands five yards behind the line of scrimmage. The tackler lines up opposite the blocker.


  1. On the coaches signal, the ball carrier will slowly move out of the backfield, and choose a “hole” to the left or right of the offensive lineman
  2. The tackler approaches the line of scrimmage and makes light contact with the offensive lineman, sheds his block, then slides to the left or right to intercept the ball carrier.
  3. The tackler steps into the hole engages the ball carrier, sliding his head to the ball side, and making contact with the shoulder pad
  4. The tackler shoots his hips and wraps his arms to drive the ball carrier back

Coaching Tips

  •  The offensive lineman stays on his knees and will not attempt to block the tackler
  • This is a half speed drill that focuses on footwork and technique. It’s not necessary to run quickly or hit hard
  • The tackler should keep his head up when making contact with the blocker so he can track the approach of the ball carrier