In today’s video blog post, we are talking about the “Cup-It Drill”, which is a great football drill for incorporating “team-ness”.   This is a great team tackling drill, and once you do this football drill a couple times, the players really understand how to play together as a unit.   The Cup-It Drill also best simulates an open field, live game tackle situation.

The Cup-It Tackling Drill

In this drill, we use three defensive players and one ball carrier.

There are 4 important points to this football drill:

  1. Where is my help? This is one of the most important – and difficult – concepts to teach young men playing defense. This means “if I miss this tackle, where does the ball carrier need to go?” As a coach, you need to spend a lot of time teaching your players to take a shot opposite of where your teammates are coming from. The Cup-It Drill gives you the opportunity to coach this important concept.
  2. Take a shot – near man   – If you are the near man in this drill, meaning the drill is coming to your side, we need to be sure to teach that player to take a shot – make the big hit tackle. Take the opportunity to make the bone hit and get on the highlight reel. That’s why we play football – that’s why we play defense. You know you have help on the inside, so don’t be afraid to take a shot.
  3. Hip pocket – inside man – If you are the inside man on the drill, you want to maintain inside hip pocket relationships .
  4. Cleanup – far man – If you are the far man in the drill, you’re the cleanup man. If your buddy doesn’t make the big hit, and the number 2 man just holds him up, it’s your job to clean it up and get the hit. Or, if your two teammates force a turnover, you should be the man to clean it up and scoop and score off the fumble.

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