In this video blog post, we are demonstrating fish hooks on a kick off return. We also show you a kick off return circuit that you can add to your next football practice plan!

1. Set up 2 cones spaced approximately 3 feet apart down the line, with one player on the line next to each cone. Imagine that the kicker is kicking the ball off, and you are acting as either a front line player or a second line player for the kick off return unit.

2. Each player on the line should stand on a 45 degree angle so that they can see the kick, and focus on not leaving too early. (You can add a simulated player standing 5 yards away kicking the football, if this helps your players.)

3. As soon as the ball is kicked, the player are going to spring into action, using a crossover step and then sprint down the field to the 30 yard line. You want the player to sprint while pumping his arms, and then he will take on look back in order to see his blocking assignment. When he gets within 5 yards, he is going to backpedal and then step like a defensive back, and then come up on the fishhook to block the player coming down.

Coaching Tip:

The reason for the backpedal is that it gets the body nice and square, and if the cover player wants to go over the top or underneath your player, he is able to use a typical pass blocking technique that an offensive lineman would use, just to screen him off.

You don’t need a killer block on a kick off return!

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