In today’s video blog post, I am sharing a great agility drill called “The Double Foot Shuffle” Agility Drill. The double foot shuffle allows your athlete to work on their left or right movements. While this is an excellent drill for football, it is also a great agility drill to use across many other sports as well.

The Double Foot Shuffle Football Agility Drill

The athlete begins by placing each foot in the box, and then bringing both feet out to one side, making sure that they are stressing the outside movement or outside cut back toward the inside. You want to make sure the athletes remember that this is a side cut shuffle exercise.

The inside is a quick motion in and out. The outside motion is a stabilizing movement and a power movement. The outside step is a fast twitch muscle movement that is controlling all of the body movement at one point in time, all the way through, giving the athlete more control, speed and agility.

He should stress each step, and move his arms quickly, as the arms will complete the sequence and the movement all the way through and allow the quickness and agility of this drill to come out. As quickly as the arms move, the feet will follow. So increase the speed of the arms to increase the speed of the feet.

Agility Drill Important Points to Remember:

  • The athlete begins in a ready stance, knees slightly bent, weight strong and balanced.
  • The athlete should concentrate on the movement to the side and the cut.
  • Make sure you are always placing that foot down so that the athlete can stabilize themselves.


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