To build agility, balance and lower body strength

Set Up

  • Have a partner loop a resistance band or rope around your waist and stand behind you.
  • Create a diamond shape using 4 cones placed 5 yards apart.
  • Assign a number to each cone from 1 to 4.
  • Begin 5 yards behind the first cone in an athletic stance.

Resistance Running Football Conditioning Drill


  1. Partner calls out a cone number – ‘for example: Two! – cueing player to explode forward to that cone, break down and stop.
  2. Player backpedals back to starting position.
  3. Partner calls out next cone, repeat.
  4. Continue for 1 minute, take a 30 second rest and continue.

Coaching Tips

  • If you don’t have a partner or resistance band, set up the same cone pattern on the side of a steep hill. The incline will create extra resistance you need.