In today’s video blog post, we are looking at a great drill for conditioning and developing good tackling technique!   This Tackling Progression drill helps develop good tackling position, rapid footwork, and safe hitting practices.

Tackling Progression Drill


  • Players get into a football position, with a wide base, knees bent and butt down.
  • Hands are in the holster position.
  • Get the chest down on the thigh board.


  • rapid foot fire, we want the feet moving in a wide manner, but fast.


  • Roll off the front foot
  • run the feet high and wide
  • siamese the elbows and pinkies
  • eyes to the sky

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    • Millah

      Very good info. Extremely helpful. Gonna follow and use all season to ger my boys ready for the next level. We stay fundamentally sound.

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