In today’s video blog post, we are featuring an excellent tackling drill that really focuses on working the hip roll, using not only the hips, but also the knees, ankles and waist, which now all become a part of it this important mechanic.

“Explosion Lift” Tackling Drill

Sometimes people don’t think about the waist as part of the hips, which is why you always hear coaches say “bend at the waist” to get the hip roll. But it’s got to be a combination of all 3 – the ankles, knees and waist.

This tackling drill focuses on the explosion of the tackle and developing the hip roll. You are not going to be tackling on this drill, you are just going to work on getting the hands inside, and on contact, roll the hips and try to get the player in the air as high as you can get him.

Because this isn’t a full speed drill, you are going to ask your offensive players to jump up a little, timing it so that when the tackler gets there, they are jumping up in the air, getting a little lift, simulating a full speed explosion for the defender who will then try to get him up as high as he can.

The big thing to remember in this tackling drill is to use the hip roll, get the offensive player in the air, and keep him there for a little while.

Younger players are going to have a little bit of trouble with this drill, but it is great for your older players. If your players work on it, and practice consistently, they can get really good at this move.

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