Tackling Basics: The 4 Point Explosion Drill

This tackling basics drill relates to not only tackling, but also taking on a block, shutting a block and attacking.

A basic principle of football is developing the rolling of the hips on contact when you are a defensive player. To a certain degree, this applies to people when they are blocking, and various other things.   This is a general drill that works on both the principles of tackling and blocking, as well as taking on a block.

  • Have 2 players get down on their knees, facing each other.
  • The player exploding first should be almost sitting on their heels.
  • From the sitting position, the player explodes upwards. The focus is rolling the hips, which the player is forced to do in this drill, because that is the only place they have to move.
  • At the same time, shoot the hands into the middle, thumbs up, aiming for the inside of the numbers.

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