To improve agility and to teach ball carriers the proper footwork for making jump cuts.

Set Up

  • You’ll need 12 cones.
  • Place one cone down, then continue to place cones in pairs, 3 yards apart, as shown in the illustration below.
  • The last cone will be place 5 yards after the last pair.
  • The ball carriers will forma a line by the first cone with a ball in hand.


  1. The first player in line will explode forward out of their stance.
  2. The player will run at a 45 degree towards the outermost cone, then plant, and make a lateral jump cut inside the innermost cone.
  3. He will then repeat, proceeding through the drill until they finish on a sprint past the last cone.

Coaching Tips

  • The key is to emphasize that the player maintain center of gravity and keep their shoulders square as they plant off the outside foot.
  • You can also add a QB-RB exchange at the beginning of the play , giving players a chance to work on both receiving handoffs and keeping their eyes downfield and reacting to the defense.
  • Get players to watch RBs like Lesean McCoy and LeVeon Bell – they are masters and maintaining balance and exploding off the plant step.