solve the problem football quarterback drill

Solve the Problem

Purpose To make QB’s think and improve their ability to process information on the dropback. Set Up Line up 5 cones in a straight line Set up 3 or more targets using

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3 on 3 Passing

Purpose To give DBs and WRs a chance to work on passing and defending against zone coverage. Set Up Have an offensive team (2 WRs, 1 QB) and a defensive team (2

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Routes on Air

Purpose To give QBs and WRs a chance to focus exclusively on developing timing and chemistry, without defense. Set Up For this drill you’ll need one football, a center, a QB, and

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Ball Exchange Relay

Purpose To get players loose, work on conditioning and how to take a ball handoff securely. Set Up Divide the team into two groups, and have them form two single file lines.

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Jump Cut Drill

Purpose To improve agility and to teach ball carriers the proper footwork for making jump cuts. Set Up You’ll need 12 cones. Place one cone down, then continue to place cones in

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Inline Tackling Drill

Purpose This drill is a half speed, game-like drill that simulates shedding a block, creating a pursuit angle and stopping a ball carrier at the line of scrimmage. Set Up Set up

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youth football tackling drill

Angle Tackle Drill

Drill Type:   Tackling Drill Set Up The cones should be set up two yards by two yards. The inside cones are two yards apart, which makes the cones that the

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youth football 3 point stance

Going Over the Basics: Stances

During today's blog post, we're going to talk about two different youth football stances that each of your players should be familiar with. Three-Point Stance The first thing you've got to start

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Football Tutorials

Coaching Philosophy – Explanations and Discipline

These are just two of my coaching philosophies that are applicable to all ages I have coached and feel should begin the first day of practice. Part of my responsibility as a coach is to be sure each and every player understands all the positions. Additionally it is my responsibility to be sure that each and every player respects myself and their teammates. No bullying will be tolerated.

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