To make QB’s think and improve their ability to process information on the dropback.

Set Up

  • Line up 5 cones in a straight line
  • Set up 3 or more targets using trash cans, extra players or whatever you have on hand.
  • Each receiver (or target) will be given a number corresponding to whether they are the primary, secondary, or tertiary read on the play.
  • You will also need a coach to pose the problems.

solve the problem football quarterback drill


  1. QB begins his drop. As he is taking the drop, the coach will give the QB a simple math equation, for example: 1+3-2.
  2. The QB must then do that math problem as he finishes his drop, plants, and makes the pass to the correct receiver (2!).

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure to vary both the receiver locations and equations.
  • You can add in two hula hoops to create a lane for the dropback to add an extra element of difficulty to the drill.
  • If you have other players to act as receivers, have them line up and run the route combinations and passing concepts you are working on that day.