This drill teaches a quarterback where to position the football as he’s dropping back to set up for a pass. This technique is used on drop back passes, play action passes and quarterback draws. So a quarterback has to have the ability to put the ball where it’s secure as he drops back for the pass.

Open Shoulder Ball Carrying Drill for Quarterbacks

We call this the “open shoulder” because his open shoulder will be facing to the right (for a right handed quarterback – for a left handed quarterback, it will be the left shoulder that is open).

The quarterback will drop back with the ball up at the shoulder, and the quarterback works hard on staying on the line as he drops. Also be sure that you don’t drop that ball down at all as you are dropping back. You want to see the ball secure, with the quarterback keeping the ball steady and not allowing it to flop around. And you really want to work on planting that foot and having great balance as you go backwards in the pocket.


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