To work on speed, agility, and tackling technique

Drill Setup

  • The passer is at line of scrimmage, with a row of defenders 5-10 yards downfield, spread out about 5 yards from each other
  • A WR will line up on the hash 5-10 yards behind the row of defenders

How it Works

  1. Passer snaps the ball, takes his drop, and WR takes off across the field, running sideline to sideline
  2. Defenders all take one giant step to either the left or right, which will create a throwing lane for the Passer
  3. Passer identifies correct window to complete pass to WR and makes the throw on target

Coaching Tips

  • Don’t forget to adjust the depth of the passer’s drop, the row of defenders, and the WRs starting point. This will allow the Passer to work on a variety of throws and angles