In today’s video blog post, I am sharing an awesome set of drills for working on the Quarterback Drop. Great for pre-practice, warm-up or end of practice conditioning, these quarterback drop drills will help you coach your quarterbacks more efficiently!

Tandem Drops

This is a basic drop drill where you will direct your quarterbacks on a 3-step or 5-step drop, and they drop in unison. I like to use this as a pre-practice and get as many reps as possible, so we don’t use the centers in this type of drill. You can use 3-steps, 5-steps, and even 5-steps where we run a wave drill, which works on trying to throw the ball through passing lanes.

3 Step Box

This drill can be used at the beginning of practice, or as a conditioner at the end. In this drill, the quarterbacks are taking a 3-step drop, and by running the drill in a box, it will allow you as the coach to watch every different angle of the quarterback and check out any flaws in his drop, and ultimately be able to coach him more efficiently.

5 Step Box

In this drill, the quarterbacks are taking a 5 regular (or 5 quick drop), and you want to check depth, the first 2 to 3 steps, the knees and if they are getting them up – all the different facets of a good drop. Again, running in a box allows me to get a proper angle so I can evaluate my players.

5 Step Line Drop

In this simple drill, it is the quarterback taking a 5 step drop straight down the line. Your only concern as a coach is to make sure the quarterback is not drifting. This can really cause problems in protection when the quarterback drifts in the direction he is going to throw. It really shortens the edge for the offensive tackle.


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