This drill is designed to improve a quarterback’s ability to move up and back and side to side on the football field.

Set Up

  • Place four bags together on the field so that they establish four areas or quadrants. Coach should be nearby to call commands.


  1. Coach says “Go.”
  2. Coach points the direction he wants the quarterback to slide – up, back, right, left.
  3. Quarterback slides until coach says, “Throw.”
  4. Quarterback sets and throws to the coach who flashes his hands to create a target.

Coaching Tips

  •  The quarterback needs to keep his eyes upfield
  • The quarterback should keep the ball right off his shoulder shelf
  • The quarterback should maintain a slightly forward lean. Many quarterbacks make the mistake of standing straight up or even leaning backward, which can slow them down because they’ll then need to get into a forward lean position to make a football play.