To give DBs and WRs a chance to work on passing and defending against zone coverage.

Set Up

  • Have an offensive team (2 WRs, 1 QB) and a defensive team (2 CBs, 1 DB/LB) line up on the field.   The QB will need a football as well.   The WRs and CBs will be in their normal alignment, with the DB 10 yards deep over the middle.

3 on 3 passing football passing drill


  1. Before the play, tell the WRs and QB what play they are running.
  2. The QB will then snap the ball, make a read, and attempt to hit an open WR.
  3. Cycle in a new 3 after each play.

Coaching Tips

  • This can be a really fun competitive team drill.   Do Winners Stay On, and see if you can crown a 3 on 3 champion squad on your team!
  • Be sure to work on a variety of routes, and keep contact to a minimum – we are working on route running and coverage here, not tackling.