To work on pass rush moves & finishing the play in a game-like situation

Drill Setup

  • Have five offensive linemen line up over top of five defensive linemen
  • Place a tackling dummy 5-7 yards behind the offensive line, with the coach 3-4 yards behind that dummy

How it Works

  1. Before the play begins, the coach will point at one of the defensive linemen.
  2. The coach will then signal the snap of the ball, with the defense exploding off the line towards their corresponding blockers.
  3. Every player except the player selected by the coach will stop after the initial burst.
  4. The player who was selected by the coach will continue and try to beat his matchup and sack the quarterback before the 4 second countdown is up.

Coaching Tips

  • Ideally players will line up in their natural positions – the defensive ends on the outside, tackles on the inside – but the most important thing is getting players reps above all
  • Great drill for players to work on expanding their pass rush repertoire and experiment with new moves they might not have the confidence or experience to try in a real game situation