To emphasize ball security and running with power and balance.

Set Up

  • You’ll need 9 players to help, a QB, and a line of ball carriers.
  • The first 4 players will all be 5 yards apart holding blocking bags.
  • The next 4 will be closer together, a couple yards apart.
  • Next you’ll need to create some kind of barrier – 3 dummy bags to form a triangle works best.
  • Place cones on both sides, about 5 yards out.
  • The last defender will be behind this triangle, and there will be one final cone 5-7 yards behind him.


  1. The QB will take the snap, and pivot to hand the ball off to the RB.
  2. The RB will burst through the first 4 defenders who will hit him with their bags as he runs through.
  3. The next 4 defenders will all try to strip the ball out of his hands as he runs past them and towards the triangle.
  4. The ball carrier will then cut either right or left and try to beat the last defender past the last cone.

Coaching Tips

  • The beauty of the gauntlet drill is that you can adjust it however you see fit – as long as it provides a test of balance, power and ball security for the ball carrier.