To get players reps taking a handoff and exploding through the hole and out into the 2nd level of the defense.

Set Up

  • You’ll need 2 cones, a dummy bag, a broom stick (or something you can make a light horizontal barrier out of), 3 defensive players, a QB with a ball, and a line of ball carriers.
  • 2 of the defensive player will line up 5 yards after the first cone, holding the broom stick at a height that will force the RB to run low.
  • The dummy bag will be another 3-5 yards downfield, with the third defender 3 yards behind the bag.
  • The last cone will be down about 7 yards after the dummy bag.


  1. The QB will snap the ball, pivot and hand it off to the RB.
  2. The RB will take the handoff, staying low as he runs under the first obstacle.
  3. He will then break either left or right off the dummy bag and try to beat the last defender to the last cone.

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure to emphasize that the RB run low, keeping his eyes downfield and keeping the ball secure.