To warm players up while also improving their ability to protect the ball while running down field.

Set Up

  • Have the players pair off with teammates of similar speed and size.
  • Each pair will need a football. Setup two cones 10 yards apart, and have the players form a line at one cone.

Ball Wrestling Football Running Back Drill


  1. On coach’s command, ball carrier will pump their legs and run forward toward the cone.
  2. Their partner will try to wrestle the ball away from the ball carrier as they head downfield.
  3. At the cone the ball carrier and their partner switch roles, coming back down towards the 1st cone doing the same thing.

Coaching Tips

  • Emphasize that the ball carrier maintain five points of pressure on the ball as they move downfield.
  • To add a little extra intensity to the drill, have any player who fumbles do 5 pushups.