To review and emphasize the importance of starting every snap in a good 3- point stance.


Players spread out in a field with at least 5 yards of space between them.

Linemen down in 3-point stance.


  1. The players will start down on all fours, and on the coach’s signal will get up in to 3-point stance with their right hand down first.
  2. The coach will then signal for the players to get into stance with their right hand down.
  3. Lastly, you can have the players get into a 4-point stance, with both knuckles in the dirt.

Coaching Tips:

  • Make sure players are establishing a good base – not too extended, not too wide, with the ability to explode forward to the left and the right.
  • You can walk between the players and give them slight pushes to see if they are truly balanced in their stance.
  • It’s also important they have their head and eyes up and their off hand cocked and ready to strike.