Football Tackling Drills – Full Contact Baseball!

If you’re trying to come up with some fresh ideas for [tag]football tackling drills[/tag], try the two [tag]football drills[/tag] below.  Fun and effective; you’ll be amazed at the improvements in your team.

This is a game we play to teach angle tackling and have some fun too.  We call it “Full Contact Baseball.”  We split into two teams and set up regular bases and pitching mound.  The team that is “up” has a [tag]football[/tag] carrier take off for first.  The “pitcher” (tackler) tries to tackle him before he gets to the base.  If the ball carrier makes it he is safe.  If the tackle is not form, the runner is also safe.  If the ball carrier goes outside the line he is out.  If the angle tackle is form the runner is out.

The next “batter” is then up with a new “pitcher.”  It gets interesting because if men are on base the tackler has to choose his target–do you take the easier tackle, prevent the lead runner,etc.  The kids get really fired up and it has helped the tackling in a fun way.  The kids get into it, stretching out to make the base even when hit, so it helps the runners too!

A good [tag]football drill[/tag] for first/second year players, to encourage “driving” through on a tackle, is to set up a tackling dummy (appropriate weight)  5 yards in front of the end line.  Show the kids how to hit, wrap and lift the dummy – carrying it for the 5 yards before driving it to the ground.  If they hit the dummy too high, they fall over the base.  Too low and the dummy flips over their back.  If they don’t wrap up and get their hips under as they lift, they fall over it.  If they leave their feet and just hit the dummy, it doesn’t go anywhere but to the ground.   About the only way to get the dummy 5 yards forward is to hit it in the middle, wrap the arms and use the hips to get under it and carry it forward.

It takes awhile until they get the hang of it, but those who do have a solid head start to good form tackling.

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