Agility Drills for Youth Football

Special thanks to Randal in North Carolina for sending this one in.  If you’ve every struggled with [tag]agility drills for youth football[/tag], you MUST try this out!Agility Drills for Youth Football

From Randal,
Here is my [tag]football[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].

It is a drill for skill players called the [tag]balance drill[/tag]. Align two cones about 10 to 15 yds apart. The ball carrier is to isolate the the ball in one hand with the opposite hand on the ground and same leg in the air.
The [tag]ball carrier[/tag] hops on the one hand and leg all the way to the opposite cone and come back to the origin. To make the drill more challenging, the [tag]coach[/tag] can signal switch (ball to other hand and switch legs throughout
the drill).

The object is to fight for [tag]balance[/tag] and for the ball carrier to get the most out of each carry. This drill teaches players to put their hand down when someone like tries to [tag]shoestring tackle[/tag] them and fight for extra yds. THAT IS THE WORST TO SEE, a shoestring [tag]tackle[/tag].

This drill has worked extremly well for my skill players and should be implemented in every coach’s drill list.

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