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My approach to football coaching is to begin by focusing on the fundamental aspects of the game. I always keep things simple, and try to work on a small number of important skills and really perfect them. In this section you’ll discover a collection of football coaching tips that will help you remove stress from your job, teach valuable skills to the kids, have more fun, and win more football games.

Double Team Offensive Line Drill


Often called a power block, the purpose of this offensive line drill is to learn good movement and chipping off the linebacker. In this offensive line drill, you want to have two defenders and two blockers.  The two offensive players at the point of attack are going to focus on knocking one defensive player back. …

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Effective Use of Multiple Formations & Personnel


Today, we are taking some time to discuss an important topic that coaches need to consider, and that is the effective use of multiple formations and personnel groupings. It is so important that you use variety of personnel groupings so you aren’t as predictable. You can disguise plays with either formations, personnel or motions and…

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How To Make Proper Contact with the Football Defender

contact with the football defender

In football, its important to know exactly what should happen with the feet on contact with the block. In today’s video blog post, we are breaking down the exact technique to use to make proper contact with a defender. How To Make Proper Contact with the Football Defender When you are engaging the football defender,…

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Breaking Down the Side Tackle

side tackle2

Breaking Down the Side Tackle Football is a game of angles, and we must be great side tackling defensive players. We want to be able to put our youngsters in a position to have thousands of repetitions making good tackles. Yet we don’t want to put them in situations where they are always pounding on…

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Football Stance for Defense: Breaking It Down

defense football stance

In today’s video blog post, we are breaking down the proper football stance for your defensive players.  This is a very powerful football stance, allowing you to get penetration across that line of scrimmage. Football Stance for Defense: Breaking It Down In the primary football stance, 60% of the weight should be forward, and 40%…

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