If you are looking for more great football plays, I have got another killer play for you today!   The “Weak I Right 75 Option Flats”

Football Plays – The Strategy

While only showing two receivers, releasing all five eligible receivers makes it very tough for the defense to react with exposing huge holes, especially in a zone coverage. Versus the cover 2, look for the SE to get open behind the defense, and against the cover 3, look for the FL to make the correct read on the option.

ultimate football plays option flats

Player Responsibilities

Offensive Line
LT: Pass blocks man.
LG: Gives up a step, waiting for blitzing LB or LT’s man.
C: Pass blocks man.
RG: Gives up a step, waiting for blitzing LB or RT’s man.
RT: Pass blocks man.

Backs & Receivers
TE: Runs a corner route.
Y: Runs a fade route.
Z: Runs an option route at about 8 yards.
FB: Runs a flat route.
TB: Runs a swing route.
QB: Takes a 3 step drop, goes through progression.

Coaching Tips

  • Z, the flanker here, needs run hard at the CB and make his decision on whether to run the option inside or outside.
  • The QB’s progression is as follows: Y, Z, TE, TB, FB.
  • In case of blitz, the QB can always check down to the hot receiver – in this case, the FB.



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