If you are looking for more great football plays, I have got another killer play for you today!   The “PA I Right Crack Screen Left”

Football Plays – The Strategy

If you’ve had a little bit of success with the draw, the defense will be looking to react quickly next time they see it coming. To take advantage of this, the TB will sneak out with the swing route, looking to get behind the pass rush and use the SE and LG’s blocks to get big yardage.

football plays PA 1

Player Responsibilities

Offensive Line
LT: Fan blocks outside.
LG: Releases out into the flat to block CB.
C: Blocks NT, releases downfield to block LB.
RG: Slides over to block NT for C.
RT: Blocks man outside.

Backs & Receivers
TE: Blocks OB, releases downfield to block SS.
Y: Sells the deep in before crack back blocking the LB.
Z: Crack back blocks the CB.
FB: Sells draw, fills for RG and blocks strong side MLB.
TB: Delays, then runs a shallow swing route, looking to head downfield between SE and LG’s blocks.
QB: Takes a 5 step drops, sell FB draw fake, throws to TB.

Coaching Tips

  • This play is at it’s best with some space between the secondary and the LBs, so that the LG has time to get out to the CB.
  • Because we are putting all our eggs in one basket with this play, the QB should have an audible to switch to just a FB draw in case the defense looks ready for the screen.



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