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If you are looking for more great football plays, I have got another killer play for you today!   The “Wing T 21 Dive”

Football Plays – The Strategy

This is a great power play for short yardage – so when the defense starts to collapse in to take away the middle, have your QB keep the ball and run a bootleg out left to catch them off guard!   (Try running the FB dive at the 2 hole a couple of times before you try this fake.)

football plays wing t 21 dive

Player Responsibilities

Offensive Line
LT: Seals   off DE outside.
LG: Double teams   man in front of C.
C: Double   teams   man with LG.
RG: Blocks man outside, away from gap.
RT: Runs a loop block, pulling inside behind the RG to block weak side ILB.

Backs & Receivers
TE: Releases from line to block FS.
SE: Runs an out route; blocks CB.
WB: Runs an out route; blocks CB.
FB: Fakes dive to 2 hole, blocks strong side ILB.
HB: Runs dive through 1 hole.
QB: Reverses pivot, fakes   handoff to FB with left hand, hand off ball to HB with right.

Coaching Tips

  • The blocks of the FB and RT will make or break this play – if your RT can get out in front of the HB and put a block on the weak side LB, the HB can usually get huge yardage!
  • While the TE isn’t going to block the DE in front of him, the release inside will keep him occupied long enough that they end up behind the play.


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