Drill for Youth Football

I received this suggestion for a [tag]drill for youth football[/tag] from George, one of my readers.  Keep ‘em coming!Drill for Youth Football

From George
For this [tag]football drill[/tag] you need:
2 centers, 2 quarterbacks, 3 lines of receivers ie: “trips formation”. 30 yard field.  We run out of the shotgun a lot and roll out pass so this obviously wouldn’t benefit a running offense.

What you do:
1st guys in line are defensive backs. [tag]Football coach[/tag] coordinates with the 2nd guys in line, (receivers) and the 1st quarterback. Calls patterns typically crossing patterns, in’s out’s,slants, hooks. Kids run the play, trying to score; ball is live and defense is tackling.

Upon completion of [tag]football play[/tag] the receivers become defense, previous defenders go to back of receivers line and second quarterback and receivers run patterns. We have coaches watching and teaching the quarterbacks, receivers and defense backs.

The kids love to pass, this is fast paced so you get lots of reps. These are all high percentage passes and really allows to negate any size differential we find against opposing teams as most 3rd and 4th grade teams are not used to defending multiple receivers rather they are run oriented.

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