Football Blocking Tackling Drills – Tackle and Blocking Tips

If you’re looking for [tag]football blocking tackling drills[/tag], give this drill a try.  It is a [tag]football drill[/tag] that I use to teach players where the hole positions on the line are and correct tackle procedures as well.

Have a center, [tag]quarterback[/tag], and one running back on the offense side of the line. On the defense there will be a nose guard, and one linebacker.

The quarterback will signal with his hand behind his back to let the halfback know which hole he will be running through. This will also teach the center to know the snap count as well as snapping the [tag]football[/tag] and firing off into the nose guard with the right blocking procedure. The nose guard will have to shed off the center in order to make the tackle while the linebacker will learn how to read the halfback and make the tackle.

This is also a good exercise for making head-on tackles as well as slant tackles.

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