Football Wide Receiver Play and Drills

These [tag]football wide receiver play and drills[/tag] have worked well for our receivers and QB’s. It is a cone catching [tag]football drill[/tag].

I set six cones out:

  • First cone is placed on a yard line and side line for a starting point.  The next cone is ten yards away diagonally across.
  • The next cone is ten yards away back at the diagonal to the side line.
  • The next cone is placed ten yards away straight in front and one cone two yards apart to the inside.
  • The last cone is placed about five yards up the sideline from the previous cones as a the last marker.

WR’s start out running a slant from 1st cone to 2nd catching a [tag]football[/tag] from one QB or [tag]football coach[/tag] and tucking away.  As they reach the 2nd cone, WR’s drop the ball, turn at cone and go the other way on slant catching and tucking away another ball from a QB or coach standing between the second set of cones.

As the WR reaches this cone, he drops then runs straight ahead to next cone and hitches up between next two cones.  WR catches, tucks, and spins up sideline and drops ball at next cone.  Finally the WR catches a fade route at the end of the drill.

I use QB’s between each catch with about five balls being thrown.  We work about every catch from each angle and the WR’s get work on cuts, catches, tuck, throws from QB, and some conditioning.

We run the drill 10 minutes about 3 times a week.  Our receivers take pride in seeing how many they actually catch and make it a competition.

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