Free Youth Football Drills – Football on the Infield

This idea for [tag]free youth football drills[/tag] comes courtesy of Steve, one of my subscribers who has adapted [tag]football practice[/tag] to a baseball field!  Very creative and effective too.  Keep ’em coming.Free Youth Football Drills

From Steve…

A lot of our [tag]football practices[/tag] during fall take place on a baseball field because of the lack of a lighting system at our home field.  Anyways,this [tag]football drill[/tag] uses the infield.

Starting from home plate using one blocker and one running back (with [tag]football[/tag] in hand ).  Football coach is on the mound using a regular ball ( basketball, volleyball, beachball…) using a defenseman ( L.B, D.B, D.L ) on first base, another on second base, another defenseman on third base and finally another defenseman at homeplate.

To get the game or drill started the [tag]football coach[/tag] rolls the ball towards homeplate until it reaches the defenseman behind home plate.  This signals the blocker and running back to start running together using the baseline only and try to reach first base without the running back getting tackled.  Remember,it is only the one defender on that particular base who is to try and stop the running back.  The blocker must block the defender.  If he is tackled (the ball carrier) then that pair (blocker and running back) are out.  Then the next pair is up.  If the pair is not stopped then they continue to second base and so on !

Rotate as you see fit.  Ages from 5 to 9 years old preferably.

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