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The key to running an effective football practice is simple: Have a Plan! In this section you’ll find tips and strategies to organize and execute a football practice plan that will keep the kids on their toes, impress the parents, and make you look like a pro.

Bag Conditioning Drills for Agility

bag conditioning drills for agility copy

Everybody has different bag conditioning drills that they use. Today, we’re going to focus on using them for agility training. For most of them, we’re going to keep our ball. Open field cut We’re going to face the coach and using high knees, focus on catching the ball, changing direction, and coming through. We use…

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The Double Foot Shuffle Agility Drill

double foot shuffle agility drill

In today’s video blog post, I am sharing a great agility drill called “The Double Foot Shuffle” Agility Drill. The double foot shuffle allows your athlete to work on their left or right movements. While this is an excellent drill for football, it is also a great agility drill to use across many other sports…

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6 Tips for Planning an Effective Practice

6 tips for football practice plan

In today’s blog post, I am sharing some tips for putting together an effective football practice plan. 6 Tips for Planning an Effective Practice The key to any successful practice is to: Be Organized Plan for every minute of practice. You need to take advantage of each and every minute that your kids are with…

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Quarterback Conditioning: Core Strength


In today’s blog post, I am featuring a couple of quick quarterback conditioning exercises that a quarterback can do on his own to build up core strength! Quarterback Conditioning: Core Strength Do these quarterback conditioning exercises for a minute or two a day, and you’ll be amazed how much and how quickly you can build…

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Practice Plan Preparation for a Successful Season


In today’s blog post, I want to talk about practice plan development and organization. Hopefully you will be able to use some of the tips that I talk about today. I’m not here to try to convince you or suggest a specific way to organize your practice plan or your actual style. But instead my…

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